Who is the owner of T series | where is this T series company



Learn in this article who is the owner of t series Where is this company, if you are also fond of watching Bollywood movies, then you must have seen the name of T series in many films and songs. Because this company makes songs as well as making films, today it is the largest music company in the country, whose music will be seen in most of the Indian films currently being made. Along with this, T-Series also directs and produces films, many companies were started in the 80s and 90s, which have reached new heights today. One of these is T-series which started with cassette but today it is ruling the whole of India. The era of cassettes is gone now, in view of the time, this company has also changed itself.


Who is the owner of T series | where is this T series company
Who is the owner of T series | where is this T series company

After the popularity of the cassette was over, he started production of films and songs, its films and songs remain a hit as well as the T series company has made a splash in social media as well. The number of its fans on YouTube and Facebook is in crores, it has more than 150 million subscribers on YouTube alone. In such a situation, now you would also want to know about the owner of T-series, while this company is ruling on Facebook as well, if we talk about its earnings, then only YouTube earns it in crores every month and this is its side business. You can guess how big a company T series is.

who is the owner of t series

Presently the owner of T series is Bhushan Kumar who is the son of Gulshan Kumar Music company T series was founded by Gulshan Kumar on 11 July 1983. Gulshan ji was born on 5 May 1956 in New Delhi and he died on 12 August 1997 in Mumbai, after his death, his son took over the command of T series at a young age and now Bhushan Kumar is its owner. And they take important decisions related to the company.

After the death of Gulshan Kumar, the popularity of T-series was gradually decreasing but his son Bhushan Kumar has taken T-series to new heights. Bhushan Kumar prefers to stay a little away from the limelight. This is the reason that very few Bollywood fans know about Bhushan ji, but in the last few years, Bhushan is seen active in social media, along with he is also seen in his company’s events.

who is the owner of t series

Started in the 80s, T-series used to be a modest company earlier, its owner Gulshan Kumar used to sell pirated versions of Bollywood songs and at that time his company’s cassettes were sold a lot. After benefiting from this, Gulshan Kumar started producing his own songs. Gulshan ji was very fond of music and he knew very well to test music, this was the reason that most of his songs proved to be superhit. .

Gulshan Kumar was very happy with his success, but this success was going to be a cause of sorrow for him, it is said that when you are successful, your friends increase as your enemies increase. Some people did not like this success of Gulshan Kumar, so they shot and killed Gulshan ji in broad daylight. Due to this his killers felt that Gulshan ji’s company would be closed but this did not happen. After the death of Gulshan ji, his son Bhushan Kumar took the company to new heights.

Where is T series company?

Let us tell you that T series is a company of our country India because its owner Bhushan Kumar and his father started their company in India itself. And even today this company is registered in India itself, this company was established on July 11, 1983.

So now you know that who is the owner of t series Where is this company, if you are thinking that T series only makes Hindi songs and movies, then for your information, let us tell you that apart from Hindi, T series also produces songs of Punjabi, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Tollywood and in these languages. It has also earned a lot of name. T-Series has made YouTube channels in all these languages, whose number of subscribers is in million, so hope this information will prove to be informative for you.


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