Vicky White And Casey White Update

Vicky White Family, Condition, Update

Vicky White was a prison guard from Lauderdale County, Alabama, United States. She was a widow with no children and she has two brothers who both live in Lauderdale County. White lived in different parts of Lauderdale County including Lexington and Rogersville. Here are 13 more things about her

Vicky White Family, Condition, Update
Vicky White Family, Condition, Update
  1. She was 5’5″ tall. Her registered weight was 145 pounds.
  2. In 1997, she joined the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office. She went on to become the office’s assistant director of corrections.
  3. In 2002, she and Thomas Edward “Tommy” White got married. She was 6 years younger than him. They raised cattle on a farm. She later left him when his drug problems exacerbated.
  4. In 2006, she and Tommy divorced.
  5. She is not related to Casey Cole White, who is accused of fatally stabbing Connie Jane Ridgeway, 59, who was found dead on October 23, 2015 in the living room of her home at the Meadowland Apartments on Prince Drive in Rogersville.
  6. Between 2015 and 2022, peers voted her as Supervisor or Employee of the Year four times. She and Casey met in 2020 and later started a jailhouse romance. She communicated with him while he was incarcerated in state prison and made sure he had extra food on his plate.
  7. After divorcing Tommy, she remained friendly with him and his mother Frances Delores White. In January 2022, he died from complications related to Parkinson’s Disease. She once told Frances about eventually retiring to Florida.
  8. In March 2022, she spoke to Frances, who is 32 years older than her. In the same month, she sold her home and talked about going to the beach, according to Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton.
  9. On April 18, 2022, she sold her house for $95,550 although its total parcel value was $235,600. On the same day, she went to several banks and withdrew $90,000 in cash. After selling her house, she lived with her mother Pat Davis. On April 28, 2022, she submitted her retirement papers as the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office assistant director of corrections and did not tell Davis about it then she spent the night at the Quality Inn in Florence, Lauderdale County.
  10. April 29, 2022 was her last day at work before retiring. At 6:30 a.m., she checked out of the Quality Inn. At 9:41 a.m., she picked up Casey from the Lauderdale County Detention Center in Florence, breaking the protocol. Armed with a 9mm handgun, she told a booking officer that she was escorting him to a courthouse appointment, which turned out not to exist. At 11:34 a.m., her 2013 Ford Taurus patrol car was spotted in the Florence Square shopping center parking lot in Florence. Her patrol cruiser keys, police radio and handcuffs were left behind in the vehicle. The fact that the two were missing was not realized until around 3:30 p.m.
  11. She was 18 years older than Casey. On May 1, 2022, the U.S. Marshals Service offered up to $10,000 for information leading authorities to finding the two.
  12. As the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office assistant director of corrections, she was an exemplary employee with an unblemished record before she went missing on April 29, 2022, according to Singleton. On May 2, 2022, he announced that a warrant was issued for her arrest. On May 3, 2022, the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office announced that investigators received information from Lauderdale County Detention Center inmates that she and Casey had a “special relationship”.
  13. On May 9, 2022, she and Casey were arrested in Evansville, Indiana, USA. She shot herself and was sent to the hospital where she later died. She was 56.

Vicky White And Casey White Update

Vicky White And Casey White Update
Vicky White And Casey White Update

This combination of photos provided by the U.S. Marshals Service and Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office in April 2022 shows Casey Cole White, left, and Assistant Director of Corrections Vicky White. On Saturday, April 30, 2022, the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office said that Vicky White disappeared while escorting inmate Casey Cole White, being held on capital murder charges, in Florence, Ala. White and White were captured in Indiana on May 9.

Escapee Casey White and accomplice former corrections officer Vicky White were captured by law authorities after a chase in Indiana on Monday, May 9. Vanderburgh County, Ind., coroner Steve Lockyear confirmed that Vicky White died after 7 p.m. following a self-inflicted gunshot in a crash while trying to elude authorities in Evansville, Ind.

“There was a pursuit this afternoon in Evansville, Ind.,” Lauderdale Sheriff Rick Singleton said. Casey White was driving, and Vicky White was a passenger during the pursuit. Casey White was taken into custody, while Vicky White was transported to a local hospital with injuries.

U.S. Marshals investigators were in Evansville on Monday after receiving a tip of a vehicle believed to have been used by Casey White and Vicki White was found abandoned. Security cameras showed Casey White in a 2006 Ford F-150 in Evansville Sunday night.

“They will be brought here. He has to be brought back here, and she does to face arraignment. He is charged with escape, and she has multiple charges,” Singleton said before Vicky White’s death. “We have already made arrangements with Department of Corrections. If it’s two o’clock in the morning, it doesn’t matter. The judge has agreed to come out.

“We don’t wish any ill will on Vicky in terms of her health and well-being, but she has some answers to give us,” Singleton had said of former officer Vicky White. According to the sheriff, White, a 17-year veteran of the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office, orchestrated a planned escape with capital murder suspect Casey White on Friday, April 29. It was discovered soon after the escape that White and White (not related) had a “special relationship” that had been ongoing since 2020.

The United States Marshal Fugitive Task Force took the lead in attempting to locate Casey White, 38, a capital murder suspect, and Lauderdale County Corrections Officer Vicky White, 56. Both vanished after Officer White told the detention center staff that Casey White was being transported to the courthouse for a mental health evaluation.

After canvassing video surveillance, officers did find footage of the car Casey White and Officer White were traveling in timestamped at 9:49 a.m., eight minutes after they left the detention center. The footage was taken at the intersection of Huntsville Road and Cox Creek Parkway in Florence.

“What that tells us is that the patrol car left the detention center and went straight to the parking lot. There was not enough time for them to even attempt to try to come to the courthouse,” Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said.

A warrant was issued for Vicky Sue White on May 2, for facilitating an escape in the first degree.

“We are in hopes that we will get some much needed breaks in the next few hours or days that will help us locate them and get them back here to Lauderdale County and get Casey White especially back behind bars,” Singleton said at that time.

On May 6, one full week after the escape, authorities were notified that the getaway car used was in an impound lot in Williamson County after being towed on the day White and White escaped. The tow ticket’s timestamp indicated that the car had been abandoned and towed prior to the realization that an escape had occurred. The discovery of the car also left law enforcement without a possible vehicle description to follow.

Casey White, of Athens, has an extensive criminal history. He was serving a 75-year sentence after being found guilty of attempted murder, kidnapping, burglary, animal cruelty, robbery, attempting to elude law enforcement and breaking and entering a vehicle. The charges stemmed from his 2015 arrest by Limestone County sheriff’s deputies after a multi-state crime spree that ended in standoff in a field near the intersection of US 31 and Huntsville-Brownsferry Road.

White began his spree at his ex-girlfriend’s where he arrived with two handguns. She and two others fled to safety. White fired multiple shots while inside the home still occupied by two children. Officers found the children unharmed, but the ex-girlfriend’s dog was found shot to death.

Authorities then received several reports from others who crossed paths with White.

• A man was robbed at gunpoint near White’s ex-girlfriend’s home. The victim, who had no money, had his 2007 Ford Explorer stolen by White.

• White jumped out of the SUV with two handguns and attempted to carjack an 18-wheeler at the Tennessee Welcome Center but failed when the truck driver was able to safely barricade himself in the sleeper compartment.

• White ran across the Welcome Center parking lot approaching a lady from Kentucky. He demanded she let him in but she refused. White fired multiple shots into her vehicle striking the woman multiple times in the arm before fleeing. She survived.

• A man at the Pilot gas station on I-65 in Tennessee was approached by White who was armed. White stole the man’s 2012 Lincoln MKZ. The stolen Ford Explorer was recovered at the Pilot.

• White was spotted driving the Lincoln south on I-65 at speeds around 120 mph. He exited onto US 31 southbound traveling through Athens and Tanner. White drove the Lincoln into a ditch near Swan Creek Manufactured Home Community and exited the car. Armed and threatening suicide unless he could speak to then Sheriff Mike Blakely, he finally surrendered peacefully once Blakely arrived.

In September of 2020, White confessed to the 2015 murder of Connie Ridgeway of Rogersville. in a letter he wrote from prison to Lauderdale County Lt. Brad Potts. After confessing to the stabbing death of Ridgeway, White was indicted by a Lauderdale County grand jury on two counts of capital murder.

The crime spree that resulted in White being found guilty and sentenced to 75 years in prison occurred six weeks after the murder of Ridgeway. Besides facing two capital murder charges in Lauderdale County, White is also facing charges in Giles County, Tenn., as a result of the 2015 multi-state crime spree.

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