Rachel Campos-Duffy Net Worth

Rachel Campos Duffy Biography: Rachel Campos-Duffy is a American journalist, television personality and News Anchor who is currently serving as co-host and news contributor on the FOX News Channel (FNC). Also, she is credited with appearing as a reality television star in the MTV show The Real World San Fransisco in 1994. Campos was also co-anchor as well as a panelist for the ABC show The Views before she joined FOX News in New York City.

Rachel Campos-Duffy Net Worth
Rachel Campos-Duffy Net Worth

Rachel Campos-Duffy Net Worth

Net Worth: $500 Thousand
Date of Birth: Oct 22, 1971 (50 years old)
Gender: Female
Nationality: United States of America

Rachel Campos Duffy Age

What’s the age of Rachel? Campos is 49 years old at the time of her death in 2021. Rachel was born Rachel Campos on October 22 1971 located in Tempe, Arizona, United States. Her birthday falls on the 22nd of October each year. Rachel’s zodiac sign of birth is Libra.

Rachel Campos Duffy Education

Campos was a student at in the Seton Catholic Preparatory High School. She later earned her first bachelor’s education in journalistic and communication in the field of journalism and communications from Arizona State University back in 1993. Then, Rachel received a master’s degree in international affairs at University of California in San Diego. University of California in San Diego. Rachel also earned the Woodrow Wilson Graduate Fellowship award following her work as an academic professor at the college.

Rachel Campos Duffy Nationality | Ethnicity

Campos is an American citizen. American citizenship by birth. She was born in the north suburban area of Tempe, Arizona, United States. Her parents were both Mexican natives. So, Rachel is of Mexican-American origin and heritage.

Rachel Campos Duffy Height

How Tall Is Rachel Campos? Duffy has an average size of five feet eight inches. Duffy weighs 51 kg (112 pounds). Other measurements of her body are 33-24-35, respectively. Campos is an hourglass in size, and her hair shade is dark brown.

Rachel Campos Duffy Family and Parents

Campos-Duffy was born in and was raised in a contemporary suburban community within Arizona by her loving and supportive Latino family. She was her parents were Miguel Campos (father) and Maria del Pilar (mother). Both of her parents were employed as teachers of junior high schools at the local school situated in Chandler, Arizona.

Her parents have been Mexican natives who immigrated from Mexico to United States in early 1960. Rachel additionally has 2 brothers with the names of Patrick and Joseph Campos and another younger sister who is named Leah Campos Schandlbauer. Her sister Leah was an ex- CIA Operations officer who also ran for US Congress.

Rachel Campos Duffy Husband Sean Duffy

Who Is Rachel Duffy Married To? Rachel was married in the past to her husband Sean Duffy, a former U.S. representative. The couple were married in a private ceremony in the beginning of 1999 at Sean’s home. She and her husband have nine amazing children. They have five daughters and four sons. The family now lives at New York City, USA.

Rachel Campos Duffy Children and New Baby

How Many Children Does Rachel Have? Campos-Duffy is a proud mother of nine children. She had her first baby girl, Alexis Jocelyn in 1994 after her 18th birthday. Her other children include Evita Pilar Duffy Xavier Jack Duffy, Paloma Duffy Patrick Miguel Duffy and Maria Victoria Margarita Duffy. In the year 2019, Rachel welcomed a newborn baby girl who was named Valentina Stella Maris Duffy. The baby was born a month earlier than her due date and was diagnosed with Down syndrome and numerous holes in her heart. This is why Valentina was required to undergo surgery following the birth in an emergency.

Rachel Campos Duffy Salary FOX News

Campos-Duffy, who works as an anchor for news and correspondents as well as News contributor for The FOX News Channel based in New York City earns an annual salary of 85,000-$100,000.

Rachel Campos Duffy Home and House

Where Does Rachel Duffy Live Now? Campos as well as her partner Sean reside at Wausau, Wisconsin. More details on Rachel and Sean’s gorgeous house will be added when it becomes and available.

Rachel Campos-Duffy FOX News

Rachel is currently working as co-host for Outnumbered On The FOX News Channel. She joined the station in the year 2018 as a guest host on the Ingraham Angle Show. While as a guest on the show Campos was a target of national media for her defense of Donald Trump’s controversial behavior and practices.

Her comments in defense of Trump were widely criticized by columnists and writers from The New York Times Magazine and Essence magazine. In 2017 Rachel was also in another controversy when she was a fan of Republican Congressional Candidate Greg Glanfore for attacking The Guardian reporter, Ben Jacobs on air. She also called Biden’s triumph in the 2020 presidential election as fraudulent and full of scandals in Outnumbered along with various other FOX News segments.

Rachel Campos-Duffy Real World

The first week of January, 1994 Rachel was the first to make her appearance as a reality television participant for The Real World on MTV’s The Real World San Fransisco. She resided in the Russian Hill, San Francisco home with six other housemates from February through June 1994. The show featured cast members who were living with an HIV-positive individual who doesn’t know their name.

But Pedro Zamora revealed to the guests that he was an AIDS educator in the first evening when he showed them a scrapbook. Campos was uncomfortable and wanted to know about how his health condition could affect her as well as her roommates prior to leaving the show.

Rachel Campos-Duffy The View

As of 1999, Campos was scouting a job on the ABC daytime talk show known as The View after Debbie Matenopoulos announced her resignation the same year. Campos also participated in an on-air audition together with Lisa Ling and Lauren Sanchez in 2000. Campos was then appointed to be a regular host for The View in 2001. She quit The View in 2018 to become a permanent News Contributor for FOX News.

Rachel Campos-Duffy Car Accident

In January of 2018 the Former MTV Reality TV host was involved in an crash. The train was transporting the actress, Republican lawmakers and their family members when they traveled to a retreat for party guests located in West Virginia. Rachel was able to escape with only minor injuries. In addition, she disclosed that her boyfriend died when collision with an approaching vehicle in 2009.

Rachel Campos-Duffy Wardrobe

For several decades, Rachel has been classified as one of the most well-dressed and stylish reporters for FOX News. Rachel has been seen wearing fashionable gowns, stylish dresses as well as pink puffy dresses, and executive clothes as well. Rachel’s finest clothes are on sale on the internet.

Rachel Campos-Duffy Books

  • All American Christmas (2021)
  • Paloma Wants to be Lady Freedom (2018)
  • Stay Home, Stay Happy: 10 Secrets to Loving At-Home Motherhood (2009)

Rachel Campus The Kitchen Table Podcast with Sean Duffy

Furthermore, Rachel records podcast episodes along with her partner Sean Duffy called the Kitchen table with the Duffys. The podcast series includes Sean Duffy and Rachel discussing issues that affect children and their families and entertainment, as well as politics, among other subjects. They also discuss everyday solutions to everyday problems , and their relationship is simply amazing. Rachel as well as Sean’s Podcast series is available on Apple and Spotify.

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