Propose day quotes for love

Propose day quotes for love Propose Day is celebrated on 8th February, the second day of Valentines Week. If you also want to tell your heart to someone or want to impress your partner by proposing once again, then from here you can send some unique proposal messages, wishes.

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2. Propose Day Quotes for Love

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Propose Day Quotes for Husband


The heart beats only for them,
stumbles and holds,
Somebody has captured the heart like this,
The heart is mine but it beats for them.
Happy Propose Day



beats at that moment
It stops beating at that moment,
When their bowed eyelids express love

Happy Propose Day 2022

Propose Day Quotes for Love


The heart wants to say something, which I am afraid to say,

Today is Propose Day, let’s say it, we love you more than heart-o-jaan..!!



All my laughter went away..

When you thought for a moment what would be Anjaam-e-crazy

when you will meet me for a lifetime

Emotional Proposed Day Quote


wanting them is our weakness

It is our compulsion not to tell them

Why don’t they understand our silence

Is it necessary to express love..!!


My heart wants to love you….

wants to show his love

Ever since I saw you my e-Sanam…

My heart wants to see only you

Propose Day Images for Boyfriend Quotes


Will destroy every pore of the earth,

Will make every flower of Gulshan a rose,

You will not be able to live even a moment without us,

We will make all your habits so bad

Propose Day Images for Boyfriend

Heart wants to give life to you,

Give you all the happiness of life,

Give me if you trust me with you,

So believe me I will give you my breath too

will you be my valentine?


The best way to tell someone about what you feel for him is simple – just tell him. Often we complicate things by planning grand gestures and public acts when simple and heartfelt words do the trick. Every man likes his feelings to be validated and for his boyfriend are genuine ones that will touch the bottom of his heart. We hope you like the quotes for your boyfriend on proposal day chosen by us. Gear up to use them this Valentine’s and any other day as well because every day is special to tell someone your feelings!

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