Name and capital of India’s neighboring countries

In this article you will learn Which are the neighboring countries of India List of their names and capital As we all know that India is the seventh largest country in the world. And it shares its border with many countries, so the name of our country also comes in the list of countries which have maximum number of neighboring countries. However, countries that are many times bigger than India like America have only 2 to 3 neighboring countries, it depends on the geographical location of the country. It is often repeated in foreign policy that we can change friends but not neighboring countries, that is why India wants to have friendly relations with all its neighbors, but even today there are some countries who do not want to be friends with India.

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In these countries, the name of Pakistan and China is at the top, the government of Pakistan and China keeps encircling India in any matter and its effect is seen on the border. For the past few years, India’s army has been fighting with the army of China and Pakistan, the main reason for this conflict is the land along the border and due to this land, the war between Pakistan and China has also happened with India. However, there are some neighboring countries of India that are friendly with India, there are also some neighboring countries in which you can go without any passport and visa like Nepal and Bhutan.

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Which are the neighboring countries of India

Let us tell you that there are a total of 7 neighboring countries of India whose names are Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh, all of them have the highest terrestrial border with Bangladesh. Which has a length of 4096 km, followed by the name of China, which shares a border of 3488 km with India. Pakistan is also included in the list of top 3, whose terrestrial Indo-Pak border is 3323 km.

Let us now know which neighboring country is present in which direction of India, then first of all let’s talk about Bangladesh, the country that shares the maximum border with India. So this country is present in the north east direction of India, followed by China in the north direction, Pakistan in the north west, Nepal in the north direction, Myanmar in the east direction, Bhutan in the northeast direction and Afghanistan has the lowest border with POK which is in the north direction. is present in.

Although all the neighboring countries are closest to India except China and Pakistan, but Pakistan holds an important place in India’s foreign policy, Pakistan is born from India but till now the relations between the two countries are not good. The situation on the Indo-Pak border is such that there have been wars in both the countries and even today Pakistan violates ceasefire and lakhs of our soldiers have been martyred in this conflict, while China’s expansionist policy is posing a challenge to India.

Names and capitals of neighboring countries of India

As you must have now come to know that there are total 7 neighboring countries of India which share the terrestrial border with India. Although many people must be thinking that the name of Sri Lanka is not included in this, then for your information, let us tell you that Sri Lanka shares a water border with India, no part of it is found from India. Let us now tell you the names of neighboring countries of India and their capital.

  1. Bangladesh, capital Dhaka, border 4096 km
  2. China, capital Beijing, border 3488 km
  3. Pakistan, capital Islamabad, border 3323 km
  4. Nepal, capital Kathmandu, border 1751 km
  5. Myanmar, capital Naypyida, border 1643 km
  6. Bhutan, capital Thimphu, border 699 km
  7. Afghanistan, capital Kabul, border 106 km

In some neighboring countries, you get to see living conditions similar to India, while there are some neighboring countries where the lifestyle is completely different from India. For example, the living conditions of India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh are almost the same while China, Bhutan, Myanmar have different lifestyle from India.

So now you know that Which are the neighboring countries of India their names and capital. In any country of the world, its neighbors are very important and the best example of this is India because there are some such neighboring countries who are playing hostility to it. While some countries belong to friendship, India spends millions of dollars every year for protection from its enemy countries and this is equal to the GDP of many small countries. If all the neighboring countries of India were friendly, then the money spent in security could be useful for the progress of India.

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