Maye Musk Net Worth 2022

Maye Musk is a model and dietitian. She has been a model for 50 years, appearing on the covers of magazines, including a Time magazine health edition, Women’s Day, international editions of Vogue, and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Maye Musk Net Worth 2022
Maye Musk Net Worth 2022

Maye Musk Biography

Full Name Maye Musk
Date of Birth 1948/04 /19
Nickname Maye Musk
Marital Status Divorced
Birthplace Canada
Ethnicity White
Age 71
Profession Model
Nationality Canadian
Height 5’8″
Eye color Blue
Hair color Grey
Horoscope Aries
Net Worth $45 Million
Online Presence InstagramTwitter

Maye Musk Net Worth

Net Worth: $45 Million
Name: Maye Musk
Monthly Income: $200,000
Profession: Model, Businesswomen
Nationality: African-American

Early life

Maye Musk is 74 years old. Famous food expert and model was born Maye Haldeman on 19 April 1948 in the famous city of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. A Canadian by birth and a South African by marriage, Maye moved with her parents and four other siblings including her twin to Pretoria, South Africa while she was 2 years old. Her father, Dr. Joshua Norman Haldeman, was an amateur archeologist and alternative medicine physician.

Maye Musk mother, Winnifred Josephine, and her husband loved adventures and exploring, so they, alongside their children, explored the Kalahari desert in search of its mythical Lost City. Aside from Kalahari, the family also traveled around the world and were famous for their journeys. Her parents documented accounts of their journeys on slide shows and talks. Nothing much is known of her high school education, however, it is known that the model got her first degree in dietetics from the University of Orange Free State and her Master’s degree in nutritional science from the University of Toronto.

Maye Musk Husband and Children

On Maye Musk Husband: The iconic model, Maye Musk had only been married once and that was in 1970 to an engineer, Errol Musk who she met during high school. The couple was married for nine years and their marriage led to the birth of three brilliant children, as she loves to describe them, namely: Elon, Kimbal, and Tosco Musk. However, her marriage to Errol didn’t last long, it ended in 1979 when the couple divorced.

One of her children, is often referred to as a genius and he is the founder of a stream of companies including SpaceX, Telsa Inc., Neuralink, The Boring Company and co-founder of PayPal. Kimbal Musk is her second child and the owner of Kitchen Cafe restaurant. Her last child, Tosca Musk is a successful filmmaker and television producer. All her children have children of their own which means Maye Musk is a grandmother of 11 grandchildren.

Here’s a video titled “Maye Musk On Raising Successful Children And Leveling Up Her Own Career” from Business Insider.

Maye Musk Twin Sister

About Maye Musk Twin Sister: Maye Musk and her twin sister Kaye were born on April 19, 1948 in Canada. Her father, Joshua Haldeman, was a chiropractor who met her mother, Winnifred, known as ‘Wyn,’ at her dance school in Canada. The twins were the youngest, and had an older brother Scott and an older sister Lynne. Her father also had a son, Jerry, from a previous marriage. When Maye was two the family moved to Pretoria, South Africa, where she grew up. Kaye was married to a man called Rive. She is also the mother of Lyndon Rive, Peter Rive and Russ Rive, who are all successful entrepreneurs. Also, she has a daughter. Lyndon and Peter Rive are co-founders of SolarCity.


  • Maye Musk started modeling at the age of 15. Though she was told this career would be over by the time she was 18, she ended up working for decades as a print and runway model.
  • After turning 60, Maye became more successful, which she’s attributed to her decision to stop coloring her hair. With a stylish shock of white hair, she landed jobs that included an ad for Virgin America, the cover of New York magazine in 2011 and a cameo in the video for Beyoncé’s “Haunted.”
  • By 2015 Maye Musk still had to audition for jobs, but did appear in her first runway show for New York Fashion Week. In 2016 she was signed by IMG, a top agency for models. That year she also made fashion waves when she accompanied Elon to the Met Gala.
  • Maye holds two master’s degrees, one in dietetics and the other in nutritional science. She built a successful dietitian practice in South Africa and then rebuilt her career after moving to Canada in her 40s. Being a dietitian provided Maye with a stable career when modeling work was slow.
  • Maye disproves the stereotype that older people don’t understand social media. Her Instagram feed garnered interest from IMG Models, and signing with them helped take her modeling career to the next level. Maye has credited connections made on Facebook with leading to her first couture show, which happened when she was 67.
  • After divorce laws changed in 1979, Maye finally felt able to walk away. Years later, she shared details about her marriage in her 2019 book, A Woman Makes a Plan. Maye has also voiced encouragement for women in abusive relationships, telling Page Six, “When you make a big change, it will be scary, but you can’t just stay in a bad situation.”

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