Linda Tripp Net Worth

Linda Rose Tripp was an American civil servant who played a prominent role in the Clinton–Lewinsky scandal of 1998.

Linda Tripp Net Worth
Linda Tripp Net Worth

Linda Tripp Biography

Full Name Linda Rose Tripp Carotenuto
Born November 24, 1949
Place Of Birth Jersey City, New Jersey, U. S.
Occupation Civil servant, small business owner
Spouses Bruce M. Tripp ​(married in 1971; divorced in 1990)​
Dieter Rausch ​(married in 2004)
Net Worth $40 million
Died April 8, 2020 (Aged 70)

Linda Tripp Net Worth

She had a huge net worth of around $40 million before she died on April 8, 2020. Lind Tripp probably has earned a huge amount serving at the White House and Pentagon during the time. Tripp’s also owned a German winter-themed holiday store with her second husband, Dieter Raush, which was named after the Christmas Sleigh.

Early Life 

Tripp was born as Linda Rose Carotenuto into a middle-class family in Jersey City, New Jersey on November 24, 1949. Her father was a high school teacher, and her mother was a homemaker, who was from Germany. World War II brought her parents together. Tripp attended Hanover Park High School and graduated from there in 1968. In the same year, her parents divorced mainly due to her father having an affair with a fellow teacher. From her womanizing father, Tripp took the divorce very hard and became fixated on marital sanctity.

Personal life 

She was married twice throughout her life. In 1971, she married Bruce Tripp, a military officer for the first time. She was married to Bruce for 19 years before they divorced in 1990. Linda’s first marriage resulted in the birth of a boy and a daughter. In 2004, she married Dieter Rausch, a German architect. Linda passed away on April 8, 2020, from pancreatic cancer. The impeachment story of the Clinton-Lewinsky controversy was aired in a TV series on FX on September 7, 2021. In the television series “Impeachment: American Crime Story,” actress Sarah Paulson played Linda’s character.


First work experience came for her as a secretary in Army Intelligence based in Maryland. In 1987, she transferred and working in the Pentagon. Tripp was also appointed at the administration in the George H. W. Bush era, and she kept her job even at the election of the new President, Bill Clinton 1993, in 1993.

She got removed from the White House in 1994, and she was transferred to the public affairs office in the Pentagon. There she was receiving $20,000 more than her previous payout. Tripp builds up a strong bond with a fellow worker, Monica Lewinsky, while working at the Pentagon. Lewinsky had known Linda for nearly more than a year and half years before the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal reached its final stage. At some point in her life, Lewinsky herself stated to Tripp that she was actually in a sexual relationship with Clinton. From that very moment, Linda started recording the call conversations between Lewinsky and Clinton, which stood as strong evidence in the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal.

Lewinsky, who rejects having any relationship with Bill Clinton during the Clinton v. Jones lawsuit, later on, was exposed by the Tripp itself when she submitted the tapes of her conversation with Clinton to the Independent Counsel, Kenneth Starr, in January 1998. Tripp, in return, gets immunity from prosecution. Finally, both Lewinsky and Clinton appeared before a grand jury. Although, Clinton makes his presence in front of a grand jury through closed-circuit television. When Lewinsky and Clinton’s close relationship was finally exposed, the jurors offered Lewinsky to tell her few last words on the matter. Lewinsky’s actual last words were, “I hate Linda Tripp.” Linda Tripp was fired from her job in Pentagon, on January 19, 2001, at the end of Clinton’s administration.

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