Jimmy Humilde net worth

Jimmy Humilde is a famous Mexican artist and a music producer. He used to upload some of the best music videos on YouTube. Jimmy shares a powerful bond with other music artists and works with them to create great tracks!

Jimmy Humilde net worth
Jimmy Humilde net worth

Jimmy Humilde Net Worth 2022

Jimmy Humilde is an American music artist and music producer. The majority of his income comes from his salary by working as CEO of the label Rancho Humilde. But apart from that, he has also produced some good music in the past. So he earns a significant amount of money through music royalty which contributes to his overall wealth. The updated Net Worth of Jimmy Humilde in 2022 is $600K. Moreover, Jimmy Humilde’s annual salary is around $150K.

Name Jimmy Humilde
Profession Music Producer, Artist, and CEO
Net Worth $600K
Source of Income Music Royalty and Salary by working as CEO of Rancho Humilde
Last Updated 2022

Jimmy Humilde Biography

Real Name Jimmy Humilde
First Name Jimmy
Last Name Humilde
Nick Name Jimmy Humilde
Date of Birth July 21, 1980
Age 41 years old
Occupation American music artist, music producer, YouTube
Birthplace Venice, California, U.S
Country United States of America
Nationality American
Birth sign Cancer
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Social Media Accounts Facebook Twitter Youtube


Jimmy is the founder and CEO of upstart regional “Mexican Label Rancho Humilde.” Jimmy Humilde net worth is approximately $20.5K to $123K. He earns $47.7 thousand from his YouTube channel only. And, this net worth is expected to rise tremendously in the coming years. You can continue to read to learn more about your favorite celebrity!

Early Life

Jimmy was born on Jul 21, 1980, in Venice, California. He moved to Inglewood when he was 21 years old and started his association with Natanael Cano. Jimmy Humilde started his career as a music artist before discovering his true calling in production. These days, he lives in a Majority – Latino suburb in Southeast L.A.

Personal Life

Jimmy Humilde is not currently associated with anyone because he wants to focus on his career. Most of the fans are curious to know if Jimmy married. Even though he does not want to disclose much about his private life, he is not married or in someone’s relationship.

Biography of Jimmy Humilde

  • Jimmy Humilde is a 41-year-old
  • He has black eyes and has black short hair.
  • His zodiac sign is Cancer.

Jimmy Humilde Facts

  • He is a famous artist and music producer.
  • Jimmy Humilde was born in July 1980 in California, United States.
  • The artist is 41 years old, and his zodiac sign is Cancer.
  • In the beginning, he was passionate about becoming a singer.
  • Jimmy Humilde is a great rapport.
  • The musical productions of Jimmy are primarily famous worldwide.
  • He is not currently dating anyone.
  • He has focused on his career.
  • Jimmy Humilde’s net worth is $2700K.
  • He has worked with some bands, such as Fuerza Regina and Legado 7.
  • He is associated with Natanael Cano, a vocalist and one of his most popular singers.
  • He is also the CEO of Mexican Rancho Humilde.
  • He introduced a Mexican flavor in his music that earned colossal popularity.
  • His lowest daily views for the period is 0.00.
  • His highest daily views for the period is 9.70K.


The popularity of Jimmy is increasing day by day. Jimmy has more than 75K followers on Instagram. Besides that, he also has a huge fan following on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In addition, you can also catch him on YouTube and can enjoy good music of him.

Jimmy started his career as a music artist, but he changed his mind and developed a passion for music production. Therefore, he decided to pursue his career as a music producer rather than a music artist. Masterpieces of Russell Simmons and Jay Z are the inspiration of Jimmy.

Jimmy is the CEO of Mexican Rancho Humilde. He has signed a deal with Clinq music, and this deal will be beneficial for him as it is an international distributor of music recordings.

He uses Mexican flavor in his music and has got massive popularity worldwide. Jimmy Humilde receives a lot of appreciation for introducing Mexican elements in his songs. He uses this strategy because only one track lets his music reach new heights. So, you can say that the cultural shifts have worked in his favor.

Jimmy Humilde and Natanael Cano have worked together on many music projects. They have created some fantastic tracks. Jimmy has signed acts like Fuerza Regina and Legado 7. By mixing Mexican music, he has introduced a new concept in the music industry.

Therefore, he has received a lot of appreciation from all of his fans. It is pretty important to mention that Jimmy has put in many tries to reach that position where he is today!

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