Jennette McCurdy Net Worth, Biography

Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy is an American writer, director, podcaster, and former actress and singer. McCurdy’s breakthrough role as Sam Puckett in the Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly earned her four Kids Choice Awards, among other accolades.

Jennette McCurdy Net Worth, Biography
Jennette McCurdy Net Worth, Biography

Jennette McCurdy Net Worth

Net Worth $5 Million
Age 30 years old
Date Of Birth June 26, 1992
Salary $50 Thousand Per Episode
Profession Actor, Singer,
Gender Female

Early Life

Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy was born on the 26th of June 1992, in Garden Grove, California. Her father’s name is McCurdy while her mother’s name is Debra McCurdy. Jennette grew up alongside three older brothers including Marcus, Scott, and Dustin McCurdy. Her mother used to suffer from breast cancer when Jennette was 3 years old. Due to that Debra experienced multiple procedures chemotherapy as well as a bone marrow transplant. Jennette lost her mother at the age of 21 when she found out that her mother have cancer once again in 2010.

Personal Life

McCurdy has admitted that her mother tortured her with mental and sexual abuse. She further disclosed that up until the age of 17, her mother often checked her breasts and vaginal area and never let her take a shower by herself. McCurdy claimed that the remainder of her mother’s violence on the first show prevented her from taking part in the iCarly revival. McCurdy stated in 2019 that she suffered anorexia and then bulimia nervosa starting at age 11 in a piece that was published by The Huffington Post. McCurdy talks about how her mother and the entertainment industry encouraged disordered eating. How she sought treatment after her sister-in-law noticed the problem, and multiple health scares like regurgitating stomach fluids that eroded her tooth enamel and passed out from dehydration on Miranda Cosgrove’s bathroom floor.

Jennette McCurdy Relationships

Some reports revealed that Jennette was romantically linked with Matthew Whitehead previously. In 2005 she met American actor Paul Butcher and the two began dating in June of that year. However, the couple broke up in March of 2006. In August of 2013, Jennette came to the limelight after the basketball player Andre Drummond tweeted Jennette revealing that he has a big crush on her. However, their relationship didn’t start and the two broke up in September of that year.

Jennette McCurdy Awards and Nominations

Throughout her career, McCurdy has received several awards and nominations for her work in the entertainment industry. She has won the Australian Kids’ Choice Awards twice, the Kids’ Choice Awards twice, and a Meus Prêmios Nick Brazil award. She has been nominated for the Teen Choice Awards thrice and Young Artists Awards 5 times.

Jennette McCurdy YouTuber

She recently become a YouTube star routinely posting unique stuff to the video-sharing network. McCurdy’s channel has over 437,000 subscribers and has had around 5 million views. She has apparently gained a sizable amount of followers on her Instagram account which is over 7.7 million followers.

Jennette McCurdy Acting Career

McCurdy was motivated to pursue an acting career after seeing Harrison Ford in the television series “Star Wars”. She debuted as an actress in 2000 when she was just eight years old as Cassidy Gilford in an episode of the television series “Mad TV”. She portrayed Anna Markov in the film “Shadow Fury, Mary Fields, My Daughter’s Tears, and Jackie Trent in the TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”. She was given the chance to star in Taylor Simmons and Hollywood Homicide in 2003, playing Amanda Simmons and Harrison Ford. After spending some time improving her television acting skills, McCurdy earned the role of Sam Puckett in the Nickelodeon comedy “iCarly back” in the mid-2000s. She appeared in the film “iGo to Japan” in 2008 and continued to play the role up to its very last episode in 2012.

Jennette McCurdy Music Career

McCurdy began composing music simultaneously with her acting in “iCarly” and other productions. In 2009, McCurdy released her debut single “So Close” and a few months later she signed a record deal with Capitol Records Nashville. She released numerous tracks and her debut EP “Not That Far Away” with them. She released her self-titled debut studio album in 2012, following the release of another popular extended play.

Jennette McCurdy Screenwriting & Directing Career

Following the end of her Nickelodeon series iCarly, Jennette launched her own series on YouTube titled What’s Next for Sarah? A series that she not only starred in but wrote and executive produced that was closely based on her own life experiences. That series only lasted a few episodes before Jennette signed onto the Netflix series Next, which ran for two seasons. After co-starring in the film Pet in 2016 by the following year, Jennette would publically quit acting to pursue a career as a writer and director. She created a series of short films including Kenny, The McCurdys, The Grave, and Strong Independent Women, that explored her past in 2018.

Jennette McCurdy Writing Career

McCurdy started writing a series of pieces for The Wall Street Journal in 2011. She has written 8 pieces for the journal, on subjects as diverse as Shirley Temple, body shaming, and a business culture that she views as deceptive. She has also contributed to The Huffington Post and Seventeen magazine. In August 2022, McCurdy published a memoir titled “I’m Glad My Mom Died”.

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