IShowSpeed Net Worth 2022 – Income, Bio, Career, Age

IShowSpeed Net Worth 2022: Darren Watkins Jr. is a young content creator. He’s more well-known for his online identity IShowSpeed, or simply Speed. His gaming and entertainment live streams are well-known, with over a million subscribers within a matter of days. IShowSpeed’s net worth is estimated at $1 million as of 2022.


YouTube Channel Name IShowSpeed
YouTube Channel Created 21 May 2016
Subscribers 3.6 million
Total Views 217.9 million
Uploads 982
Average Views 1 million
Weekly Income $39 thousand
Daily Income $6 thousand


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Early Life

Watkins was born on January 21, 2005 in Ohio, USA. Watkins grew up in his hometown the majority of his life. He has a small brother and sister.

Since he was a young boy, Darren has been obsessed with YouTube and computer games. Darren is currently enrolled at his second year of high school.

Darren worked in a nursing home delivering food to the elderly before he joined the online community. He decided to focus his YouTube career and not go to college. He even said that he had considered quitting school.

Online Career


Darren was inspired by a friend to get started on YouTube. He began sharing videos on YouTube as IShowSpeed in April 2020 because he had nothing to do during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Shortly thereafter, Speed quit his job at a nursing home and began uploading content. Speed was able to gain so many followers in such a short time because he was one who streamed quality NBA 2k20 or 2k21 videos.

Fortnite, Talking Tom & Friends and Five Nights At Freddy’s were some of his other games. His content today is based upon his past live streams. He also performs music and raps in a fast-paced manner. In just two years, Darren has gained 7.01 million subscribers.


Unfortunately, Watkins’ fame was followed by some unpleasant events. He was invited to Adin Live, the dating show on Twitch in December 2021. He made moves on social media influencer Ash Kaash.

Speed refused to speed up and the model became more aggressive. After leaving the stream, he returned to attack Ash with sexist remarks. After that, he was banned from Twitch.

The most famous song he released, Shake, in November 2021 is still controversial. The song’s questionable lyrics were streamed by him. The young man danced to the music, even though his father was horrified.

Net Worth

IShowSpeed stated that he makes between $75 and $200 depending on how long his streams are. YouTube advertising revenue, sponsorships and other sources also make him money.

He earns an estimated $167,000 a month from the ads on his YouTube videos. Speed makes an average of $2,000,000 per year from YouTube. He has a net worth $1 million when he includes all his income sources.

Personal life

Darren is believed to have a daughter. According to some reports, he is the young father of a girl. This was not confirmed. After discovering that Ermony Renee was cheating on him, he ended his relationship with her.

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