How many SIMs can I get on one Aadhar card in 2021

let’s know today How many SIMs can I get on one Aadhar card in 2021¬†Earlier in 2021, getting a SIM card number was a bit difficult. Because its price was very high as well as the process of activating it was also quite a bit complicated. To get a SIM, you had to fill a form earlier. Along with giving a photocopy of your identity card, you also had to provide your passport size photograph. After sending them to the company’s center, the SIM was activated in three to four days. But after the arrival of Aadhar card, now this process has become very easy. Because with this document you can get your SIM activation done within just a few minutes.

How many SIMs can I get on one Aadhar card in 2021
How many SIMs can I get on one Aadhar card in 2021

Many times it happens that our mobile is stolen or lost. With which our SIM goes along with our personal information, in such a situation we need to get a new SIM. Apart from this, there are many other reasons when we need to buy a new SIM. Whatever be the reason, but while buying a SIM, this question definitely comes in our mind that how much SIM we can take on one of our Aadhar card. It cannot happen that we go on buying unlimited SIM in our name, so that the government and the company should not make any difference. So to prevent this, some rules have been made which you should know.

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how many sim can i get on one aadhar card

For your information, let us tell you that according to the new rules of TRAI, you can take 18 SIMs on one Aadhaar card. TRAI is an organization of the Government of India known as the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. This organization looks after the telecom companies present in the country. This organization has been created for the convenience of the customers so that no telecom ie SIM company can do arbitrary.

By the way, let us tell you that according to the earlier rules of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, you could buy only 9 SIMs on one basis. Earlier also its maximum limit was fixed. Meaning any person could take only 9 sim cards in his name, if he buys the tenth sim then it was not activated.

But TRAI has now doubled the number of SIM cards, giving relief to the user. Meaning now according to the new rule you can buy 18 SIM cards from your Aadhaar. This decision has been taken keeping in view the need of such people. Those who need more SIM cards. This will not only benefit the professionals and organizations but common people can also take advantage of it.

How to know how many sims are running on one aadhar card

Now you would also want to know how many SIMs are active on your Aadhar card at the present time. When Jio was launched, many people had bought more than one SIM in the affair of free internet. Some people had made it a business by selling it in black. In such a situation, you must know, after all, how many SIMs are running from your Aadhaar and whether someone is taking wrong advantage of it.

We have already written an article about this. How to find out how many SIMs are running on your basis, you can read it by searching in the site or by clicking from here also. In this article, you have been told in very easy language. With this you can find out how many SIMs are present in your name. If there is a number running that you are unaware of, then you should get it turned off.

So now you know that how many sim can i get on one aadhar card Whenever people buy a new number, this question often comes in their mind too. But now you can take a total of 18 SIMs according to the new rules of TRAI. However, if you try to take more than this, then your new number will not be activated, then hopefully this information will prove to be of use to you.

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