Gregory Mecher Net Worth: Age, Wife, Children, Bio

Gregory Matthew Mecher is a Democratic political aide who has worked as chief of staff for Congressman Steve Driehaus of Ohio and also chief of staff for Rep. Joe Kennedy III of Massachusetts.

Gregory Mecher Net Worth Age, Wife, Children, Bio
Gregory Mecher Net Worth Age, Wife, Children, Bio

Gregory Mecher Biography

Gregory Mecher Net Worth

Gregory Mecher works in the real estate industry and is well-known. Mecher’s net worth is believed to be approximately $9 million. His spouse’s net worth is reported to be about $2 million.

Gregory Mecher Age

He was born on September 30, 1976 in Southern Ohio.

Gregory Mecher Education

He graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and television production.

Gregory Mecher Family

He is the son of Mary Ann Mecher and Michael Mecher. His mother is a former teacher who taught 4th grade at a Catholic elementary school in Cincinnati while his father is a former mechanical engineer in Hebron, Kentucky.


Gregory Mecher is wedded and content. Jen Psaki and he have tied the knot. In May 2010, the pair married at Woodlawn Farm in Ridge. Genevieve Mecher, the couple’s daughter, was born to them.

Gregory Mecher Wife

Mecher is married to Jen Psaki since May 8, 2010.  Jen is a political advisor serving as the White House Press Secretary. She previously worked as the White House Communications Director during the Obama administration and had also worked in the United States Department of State as a spokesperson.

The couple met in 2006 while they were both working the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Mecher served as a deputy finance director at the DCCC who regularly traveled in “a very small entourage”. They both had heavy travel schedules, but occasionally found themselves at DCCC headquarters at the same time. Mecher would make a point of regularly trying to walk by Psaki’s desk, which was 20 feet from his own.

He told the Washington Post that he would regularly walk by Psaki’s desk, which was 20 feet from his own.

“But when she’s at work, she’s very focused — it’s like tunnel vision. Whenever I would do it, she had the headset on, talking on the phone, the BlackBerry she was typing on and the actual computer in front of her where she was talking to someone else . . . so there was no way to accidentally get her attention.”

One evening after a shared cab ride and some flirting at 18th Amendment bar on Capitol Hill Mecher made up his mind to ask her out. The last Friday in September, he sent Psaki an e-mail asking her to dinner. She quickly wrote back saying yes.

The two decided to try long distance dating after Jen got a job offer from the Obama campaign and was asked to move to Chicago in February 2007. In 2009 Mecher proposed to her at home.

Gregory Mecher Children

Together with his wife they have two daughters.


Gregory Mecher began his political profession as a student delegate to the Board of Regents while still in college, where he was able to secure an apprenticeship with Kentucky Congressman Ken Lucas. He’s also talked about how the training inspired him to seek a career as a politician, and he hasn’t looked back since. Gregory Mecher has also served as a head of staff for Ohio Congressman Steve Driehaus and Massachusetts Congressman Joe Kennedy III.

His wife, Jen Psaki has begun working for the Democratic Party since the start of her vocation. She has likewise dealt with the re-appointment missions of Iowa Democrats Tom Harkin and Tom Vilsack for the U.S. Senate and lead representative, individually, in 2001.
Jen Psaki has additionally filled in as the delegate press secretary for John Kerry’s official mission in 2004. Jen has additionally filled in as the interchanges chief for U.S. Agent Joseph Crowley and the provincial press secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. She has additionally filled in as U.S. Congressperson Barack Obama’s voyaging press secretary during his 2008 official mission.

Jen Psaki was additionally considered effectively-being Deputy Press Secretary prior to being elevated to Deputy Communications Director in 2009. Afterward, she left her position and started working at the New York office of the advertising firm Global Strategy Group, a vital counseling firm, in 2011.

Psaki has additionally returned as of press secretary for President Obama’s re-appointment crusade in 2012. Jen has later turned into the United States Department of State’s representative. From that point onward, she got back to the White House as interchanges chief, which she held until the finish of Obama’s administration.

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