Google what is my name like this in 2 seconds


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Google what is my name like this in 2 seconds

Google what is my name like this in 2 seconds Do you also ask Google google what is my name At the moment, you may not have got the right answer because you have just asked your name in Google’s search box. But in the coming time, you can get many things done on your smartphone by speaking to Google. You must have seen many people that whenever they ask about themselves or their name in Google and Alexa, Google and Alexa tells them by speaking their name, it is very nice to hear it. However, this happens only with popular personalities because the information of popular people is already present in the Internet, but the information of those who are common people is not in the Internet.

Google what is my name like this in 2 seconds
Google what is my name like this in 2 seconds

Many people think that Google knows everything, but it is not so, on searching Google, the same thing comes which is told to Google i.e. indexes are done. For example, this article that you are reading is also indexed in Google and you are getting information about it by searching, similarly when a person is popular then many articles are written on it. With this Google gets to know what is the name of the popular person and who he is, you must have understood that how Google tells the name of the popular person, but now you can also call your name from Google and its method is also very easy. .

google what is my name

For this, you will have to install Google’s Assistant app from the Play Store, after which you have to do some settings like Google what is my name, whatever you want to call from Google. Tell all that to Google and in this way your personal assistant will be ready, whenever you ask your name from Google, it will tell you your name.

Let us tell you that Google’s Assistant app works on Artificial Intelligence, when you input your data on it, it will work according to your instructions. After downloading this app, you have to allow all its permissions, after that ask your name from Google Assistant, when you ask for the name for the first time, it will tell you the first name present in your Google account. After this you have to say change my name, after telling your name, it will save your name in its server, after which you can call your name from Google anytime.

how to tell google your name

If you are satisfied with your first name then you don’t need to do anything but you want Google to call you with nickname or full name then you have to tell your name to Assistant, for this follow the steps given below.

1. First of all download and install Google Assistant App from Google Play Store, if you already have one, then open it.

google what is my name

2. Now you have to ask your name like Google what is my name, then in response, Assistant will tell you your first name.

3. If you want to change it, then you have to say Google change my name, in response, the assistant will ask you by what name should I call you.

4. After this, you have to tell your name whatever you want to hear from Google, this will save your new name in Google’s server. Now whenever you ask your name from Google, it will tell you the new one.

What are the features of Google Assistant

Since most of the work is going to be done by speaking in the coming time, Google is constantly updating new features in its Assistant app so that this app can give you the best service. However, even today there are many smartphone users who are not yet aware of this assistant app and they are unaware of its amazing feature, so let’s know.

1. With the help of the Assistant app, you can call any contact without touching your mobile, just for this you have to tell Google that Google call someone, after that you have to tell his name, your call will be made.

2. Similarly, you can message any contact by giving commands to the Google Assistant app without touching your phone.

3. With its help, you can entertain yourself like listen to some poetry or joke.

google what is my name

4. Many people need weather information, in such a situation, you can ask Google how the weather will be, so that the assistant will tell you the weather information.

5. If your time is not passing, then you can also do personal talk with Google, apart from all this, you get many features in this app.

So now you know that google what is my name How to know You must have seen an advertisement of Google on TV or online in which it is said that speaking will do everything and now it is becoming a reality. You must have come to know in this article how easy it is to use, most people ask their name in Google search, but at present you get this name telling feature in the Assistant app. However, it is more likely that in the coming time you can get to see this feature in the search as well. In the Assistant app, you get many features that you can know with using it.


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