Chrissy Stranger Things Season 3: What Happened to Her?

Stranger Things 3, the third season of the American science fiction horror drama television series Stranger Things, premiered on Netflix on July 4, 2019, in the United States and Canada. The Duffer Brothers, along with Shawn Levy, Dan Cohen, and Iain Paterson, are executive producers of the series. In the third season, Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Joe Keery, Dacre Montgomery, Maya Hawke, and Cara Buono are all cast members.

Recurring characters include Cary Elwes, Jake Busey, Michael Park, and Francesca Reale. Critics praised the visuals, humor, performances (particularly those of Harbour, Brown, Montgomery, Hawke, and Keery), and emotional weight of Stranger Things 3, but some criticized the repetitive narrative and marginalization of certain characters. Stranger Things 3 was released in theatres on October 12, 2016, to generally positive reviews.

Stranger Things Season 3 Storyline

Hawkins, Indiana, was a decent place, and it appeared that the town had overcome the tragedies of its past. With her relationship with Mike, Eleven was still living with Jim Hopper, who was apprehensive. Lucas, Will, and Max had grown accustomed to seeing the youthful pair spending much of their time together. At Scoops Ahoy (in the Starcourt Mall), Steve Harrington and his coworker Robin (who was also his batchmate) were serving customers. An unexplained presence haunted will, but he refused to tell anyone about it.

While Nancy Wheelers and Jonathan Buyers continued to work at the Hawkins Post, Billy had become a swimming pool instructor. Dustin, a.k.a. the Gold Leader, had just returned from his month-long summer camp and was eager to see his friends. Besides telling stories, he wanted to show off his invention, which he took great pride in. Cerebro was the name given to Dustin’s new radio tower invention. But he had even more shocking news to share with the group. After meeting Suzie at a Mormon family’s home in Utah, Dustin was now in a relationship with the lady of his dreams.

There was no reception from Dustin’s radio tower when he tried to call Suzie. The other band members believed Dustin’s girlfriend’s story was a fabrication; in truth, there was no Suzie. Dustin hears a voice on his gadget as soon as the others leave for their homes. Dustin couldn’t understand a word that was being said to him in Russian. He needed to tell someone what was going on, and since his buddies had abandoned him, he went to Steve and told him everything.

Who Is Chrissy?

Chrissy previously served as the captain of the Hawkins High School cheerleaders. As a result of the difficulties she was having at home, Chrissy was receiving therapy at Hawkins Counseling Center. The pep rally is over and Max Mayfield is on her way into Ms. Kelly’s office. She passes past him. She is afterward heard vomiting in the bathroom by Max, who inquires as to her well-being. She fabricates a medical problem in order to get away with telling Max to stop bothering her.

When she hears someone knocking on the door, she screams in frustration. The sound of her mother, calling out Chrissy’s name, instead of Max, terrifies her. Chrissy is taken aback at first by the voice’s ability to evoke painful memories for her. She looks out of her stall and sees a pair of rotting feet standing in front of it. She screams and falls to the stall floor, lying on her back. Despite the shaking of the door, her mother’s voice was still mocking Chrissy.

As she wailed on the floor, her hands pressed to her ears, her face contorted into a hunched position. Chrissy softly slips out of the room when the music stops. There is yet another sighting of Chrissy, this time as she leaves the school premises. Walking across the school’s parking lot, she arrives at an isolated spot near the building. She keeps traveling till she comes to a jungle and hears strange noises. Before attempting to pique the interest of anyone nearby, Chrissy takes a moment to survey the scene. As soon as she enters the room, she hears the sound of a clock striking.

Suddenly, a spider crawled out of the clock as she approached it. Eddie Munson bumps into Chrissy, who backs away in fear. After apologizing for scaring her, he inquires as to her well-being. Her back is turned, and she realizes that the clock she had been backing away from wasn’t real at all. A wooden table in front of Chrissy receives a small black bag that Eddie places there as a reassurance that nobody will ever come out there.

He and Chrissy reminisced about previous get-togethers and shared laughs like old friends. That’s when the woman asks him for something stronger than the narcotics he’s been selling her. Max subsequently catches Chrissy exiting Eddie’s van and entering Eddie’s trailer, where she is joined by Eddie. Chrissy confronts Eddie about his dirty house, and he apologizes profusely to her before she asks if he lives there by himself. He claims to be staying with his uncle, although he’s not there right now.

How long the medications take to take effect depends on how Chrissy uses them, Eddie tells her. When Chrissy asks him if he’s sure he has them, he stops looking for them in a drawer and walks away, leaving her alone in the room. Incredulous, Chrissy turns around when she hears the clock ticking again. As she approached the ruckus, Chrissy looked out of Eddie’s window and slowed her pace. As she closed the drapes, she yelled out his name and inquired as to whether or not they had been located.

What Happened To Chrissy In Stranger Things 3?

Chrissy, the Hawkins High School basketball team’s cheerleader, had a bright career ahead of her. The Duffer Brothers had a different plan in mind for the character, and many fans expected her to join the gang at some point. Throughout the first episode, we learn that Chrissy has been experiencing bizarre dreams in which she hears a voice addressing her by her given name. The show doesn’t reveal that Vecna is haunting Chrissy until the very end of the episode, which is a little disappointing.

Chrissy refuses to tell anybody about her nightmares, despite Max’s best efforts at school confrontations. It’s possible that she doesn’t want to be labeled another “weird” by the residents of Hawkins. Chrissy, on the other hand, begins searching for medications to help her overcome her fear, and Eddie is the first person she meets.

Eddie begins by offering Chrissy his usual fare, but she insists on something a little more substantial. While Max is watching from a distance, Eddie drives Chrissy home later in the day. Eddie sets out to find Chrissy’s requested item, but Chrissy soon becomes possessed by Vecna. The closest thing to Chrissy really being in Eddie’s trailer is the fact that her mind is somewhere else. To make matters more disturbing, her parents have become deranged in an alternate reality version of their home in Hawkins. Hence, Chrissy was clearly the Upside Down at that point, where Vecna is catching up with her.

Even though Chrissy desperately attempts to escape away from Vecna, the demon prevents her from doing so. Eddie, on the other hand, thinks Chrissy is suffering a stroke and tries to wake her awake.

Afterward, Vecna promises Chrissy that her pain would soon come to an end before taking over her body and murdering her in the most heinous manner possible. Eddie was forced to witness Chrissy’s mind and body being crushed in the same way as Joyce destroys the Russian doll she receives.

Why did Vecna kill Chrissy in ‘Stranger Things Season 4?

Episode 1 introduces Chrissy as a normal all-American cheerleader. Her life appears to be picture-perfect, what with her boyfriend Jason serving as the team’s captain and all. Nevertheless, the viewer begins to suspect something is wrong when Max sees Chrissy fleeing from the guidance counselor’s office in order to use the restroom and then vomit.

Max tries to ask Chrissy if she’s alright in the restroom, but he quickly leaves. Instead, Chrissy sees her mother pounding on the door, verbally assaulting her, and giving her so much pain that she falls to the floor in tears. She hallucinates. After Chrissy thinks she’s having a mental breakdown, she goes to a renowned heroin dealer, Eddie Munson.

When Chrissy asks whether he has anything “stronger” than the substances he gives, Eddie makes an effort to put her at ease and even extends an invitation to his house. Chrissy begins to see both of her parents in her hallucinations as a result of Vecna’s curse while Eddie hunts around the trailer. She has delusions of being trapped in the trailer and pleading for rescue while she bangs on the doors. Eddie is feverishly trying to wake her up while she is in a catatonic state.

Eddie fails miserably in his attempt to awaken Chrissy from her coma. Vecna brutally snaps all of her limbs after she is levitated into the air and dies horribly. Eddie departs from the situation because he doesn’t know what to do.

When Max grabs Vecna’s victims’ counselor files in Episode 4, titled “Dear Billy,” he also steals his own files. Vecna’s victims always have the same symptoms, the group says headaches, nightmares, and weird images of grandfather clocks ticking away. However, the group comes to the conclusion in “The Dive,” the sixth episode, that Vecna is after those who have been traumatized.

Final Words

Others are targeted due to accidental automobile collisions and abusive parents while Chrissy is subjected to verbal abuse from her mother. As a result of watching her brother Billy be possessed and eventually killed by the Mind Flayer in Season 3, Max is now a target for the Mind Flayer. Before Chrissy and the other victims of Vecna’s curse run out of time, Max has figured out a cure: music.

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