Andy Dick Net Worth

Andrew Roane Dick is an American comedian, actor, musician, and television and film producer. Known professionally as a comic, his first regular television role was on the short-lived but influential Ben Stiller Show.

Andy Dick Net Worth
Andy Dick Net Worth

What’s Andy Dick’s net worth?

Net worth: 500 Thousand
Profession: Actor , Comedian
Age: 56
Born: 21 Dec 1965
Country: United States of America
Salary: $100 Million (Annual)
Last Updated 2022

Andy Dick has a net worth of $500,000. Andy Dick is an actor and voice artist. He also produces television and film. His most prominent roles are “NewsRadio”, “The Andy Dick Show”, and “The Andy Dick Show.” He also appeared on “The Ben Stiller Show”, his first regular television gig. Andy earns $100,000 annually.

His comedy and outlandish behavior are well-known, as he has shown in numerous Comedy Central Roasts. He appears in the media frequently for unspecified reasons. He is also known for his bizarre behavior, drug addiction and long list of arrests and allegations regarding sexual misconduct.

Early Life

Andrew Thomlinson (also known as Andrew Roane Dick) was born in Charleston, South Carolina on December 21, 1965. He grew up in Chicago. He lived as a child in Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New York before moving to Chicago in 1979.

His alma mater was Lassiter High School. Dick was a part of many theatre performances during his senior year at high school. His senior year saw him being named homecoming king. He received his diploma in 1984 from Joliet West High school in Joliet. He used to laugh at his last name in high school. One day, he disguised himself as Super Dick and went to school. After graduating high school, Dick moved to Chicago’s Second City. He spent a semester at Illinois Wesleyan University and then enrolled at Columbia College Chicago. Dick did most of his college work on stage, and he also attended iO Theater’s improv comedy class.

Personal life

Dick self-identifies himself as bisexual. From 1986 to 1990, Dick was married to Ivone Kowalczyk and they had a child named Lucas together. He has two children with Lena Sved. According to Page Six, Dick was married to Elisa Jordana on June 6, 2021. Dick has struggled with alcohol and drug addiction for many years. He has tried to get sober almost 20 times by entering rehab.


After removing his pants, Dick was forced to leave the stage and exposed himself to the audience. He also tried to grope Courtney and Pamela Anderson during a Comedy Central roast in 2005. He yelled at an audience during a 2006 comedy show called the Nigger word. This was a direct link to Michael Richards’ two-week-old use of the term “nigger” to mock hecklers. Dick was fired from the AVN Awards 2011 after he stalked Tera Patrick, an adult film actress, and Chi Chi LaRue. Dick was fired by Raising Buchanan following complaints about his inappropriate behavior. Stern called him a “hook-nosed Jew”, and a “money-grubbing Jew”.

It was later revealed that he was also taken off the set for Vampire Dad in the same month. Dick claimed that he was mugged in Las Vegas 2022, and that he was punched in his head by a man in 2019.

Arrests and Legal Issues

Dick was arrested for drug paraphernalia and cocaine possession, as well as cannabis possession, in 1999. After completing an 18-month drug diversion course, a court dismissed his minor and felony drug charges. Dick flew to Las Vegas, where he partied for three nights.

Dick is accused of grabbing and pulling down the tank top and bralette of a 17-year old girl in 2004. In 2008, he was charged with narcotics possession as well as sexual violence. After allegedly touching a woman, he was arrested for narcotics possession and sexual violence in 2008. He pleaded not guilty in 2019 to grabbing the genitals of an Uber driver.

Dick was arrested in Orange County in California for 2021 criminal sexual battery of a man. Elisa Jordana was his fiancee and discussed the circumstances that led to him being arrested in Orange County, California, in 2021 for criminal sexual battery on a man. Jordana claimed that Dick used a steel chair to abuse his lover in 2022.


His first show was The Ben Stiller Show, which is a sketch comedy program. The Fox Network aired the show from 1992 to 1993. He was Donnie on the CBS program and the CBS Page Who likes to Sucker Up on the CBS show. He collaborated with KieranCulkin on the TV series Go Fish. In 2001, the entrepreneur launched The Andy Dick Show.

He then took part in The Assistant. He was a participant in Celebrity Poker Showdown Season 8. He was criticized by many celebrities on The Howard Stern Show. He made an appearance on Comedy Central’s The Gong Show.

Andy participated in Season 16 of Dancing with the Stars 2013. Dick created a mockumentary called The Making of And God Spoke. In the Army Now and Bongwater were his films. He also played Dr. Claws in Inspector Gadget. Andy was a cameo in the film Dude! Where’s My Car? Andy Dick appeared in the film Dude, Where’s My Car? as a cameo. Andy Dick was a cameo in many films, including Ben Stiller’s comedy “Zoolander”, which starred Owen Wilson and Milla Jovovich. Will Ferrell’s 2003 film “Old School” starred Will Ferrell.

He also voices roles in “The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride”, “Dilbert,” and “Clone Hi,” as well the computer games “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”, and “Pain.”

While he was serving his sentence for house arrest, Dick created and starred as the lead in five episodes of House Detention. In the first episode of All Growz Up, Dick made his debut in 2013. Dick’s net worth is now $500,000.

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