Andrew Tate Net Worth: Age, Height, Birthday, Bio

Emory Andrew Tate III is a British-American kickboxer, commentator and businessman. As a kickboxer, Tate is a 3-time ISKA world champion and Enfusion champion. Born in Washington, DC and moving to England at four years old, he fought out of Luton, England, until his retirement.

Andrew Tate Net Worth: Age, Height, Birthday, Bio
Andrew Tate Net Worth: Age, Height, Birthday, Bio

Andrew Tate Net Value 2022

Name Andrew Tate
Net Value 2022 $30 Million
Age 35
Annual Salary $2 Million
Profession Kickboxer, Commentator,Businessman
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

Early Life

Emory Andrew Tate was born 1st of December, 1986 within Washington DC, the City of Washington DC, the United States. There is a younger brother called Tristan and an older sister named Janie. They are of Scottish and English origin. His father was Emory Tate who was an wrestler and athlete who was able to develop combat skills from a young age.

Before joining in the Military and becoming a renowned Chess player. He went to win the US Armed forces championship three times. Andrew has developed his expertise in combat pretty effortlessly and thanks to his father’s expertise in the game of chess. Andrew also believes that he can be a bit of a tacticalist. In the age group of 6, Andrew started playing chess with other seniors.

When Tate’s father’s military service was over and he needed to accept a number of jobs that paid minimum wage to feed his family. In the end, however, the situation were so dire that the family was unable to pay the bills.

When Andrew was aged 10 His mother made the decision to move back home to England together with Tate and his brothers. As a child in the UK, he was offered an opportunity to move eight-pound boxes filled with frozen fish to the local market around 5.00 am. He said in his memoirs that he as well as his family were snubbed by the local children because of the American accents.

Andrew Tate Biography

Full Name Emory Andrew Tate III
Nickname Andrew Tate
Age 35 years old
Date of Birth 1 December 1986
Birth Place Chicago, Illinois,
United States
Nationality American-British
Hometown Washington, D.C.
Height 6 feet 3 and 1/2 inches (192 cm)
Weight 90 kg (198 pounds)
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Marital Status Single
Father Emory Tate
Brother Tristan
Sister Janine Tate

Andrew Tate Net Worth

In the year 2022 Andrew Tate Net Worth is estimated at around 30 million US. Andrew Tate is among the top web-based celebrities who gained fame through his work as a professional kickboxer. He has earned a substantial amount of cash from the fitness business.

Tate further stated that the sport of kickboxing has not made me wealthy, even although I’m an eight-time world champion. the biggest sum I earned for a fight was one 100 thousand dollars. Tate’s main source of earnings is from his businesses like the fact that he has a number of casinos in Romania.

Andrew Tate’s annual earnings are around $2 million that comes from a variety of sources. Tate has an YouTube channel that goes by the name of TateSpeechwhere where he uploads lifestyle videos and podcasts.


After claiming victory, Tate would challenge Jake Paul to a boxing contest. In addition the first moment that Tate began to gain fame as a celeb was when he was selected to be a part of The 17th episode of reality TV show Big Brotherback in the year 2016.

As born to a chess master, Tate immediately got to work on his strategy of outthinking his opponents.

Then Tate was exiled from the show Big Brotherwhen British newspaper The Sun received video evidence of Tate accusing a woman of hitting her with belt. He then tweeted to inform the world that the video was a mutually agreed-upon incident between Tate as well as his wife.


  • 2014 . Enfusion World Champion, 90 kg,
  • 2013 ISKA World Full- cONTACT LIGHT Cruiserweight Champion, 84.6 kg,
  • The year 2011 ISKA World Full- cONTACT Heavyweight Champion 81.5 kg,
  • 2009 IKF British Cruiserweight Champion 84.5 kg,
  • 2009 ISKA English Full- cONTACT LIGHT Cruiserweight Champion,


Additionally, Andrew is not less than any other celebrity, and Andrew owns a number of expensive houses, including his own home that is located in one the most beautiful locations in Romania. The property has an outdoor pool, an exercise area, a large room, closets, a game room as well as a luxurious garage for cars, a back yard as well as a host of other expenditures.

Andrew Tate Car

To his automobiles, Tate owns a Lamborghini Aventador EVO RWD Spyderwhich costs around $287,400. The second car that is in his garage is Aston Martin DBS which is priced at $316,000. that the car costs is around $316,000. He acquired the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sportswhich was the highest priced vehicle in his garage . It cost $3.95 million.

He owns an Porsche 922which is estimated to cost about $114,000. Ferrari 812 Superfastis another luxury car that he has in his collection. it’s priced higher than $388,000. Andrew Tate’s worth of $30 million, so the man can afford numerous expensive vehicles, such as the Rolls Royce Wraithand The price is approximately $343,000.


Andrew Tate started his professional kickboxing career in April 2009, he defeated Raul Randall to win his International Sport Karate Association English Light-sruidzerweight title. It was his first belt the winner ever earned, however it was not his final. He also won the British Cruiserweight title the was the same year when he defeated Daniel Hughes with a first-round defeat in 2009.

In December of 2012 he was a participant at Enfusion: Trial of the Gladiators to determine who is the world’s top. top kickboxer in his weight class. Andrew was able to make an appearance in the semi-finals, but his opponent lost the first round due to an unintentionally high knee to the cheek. Then, a few years later, Tate would take on legendary kickboxer Wendell Roche in June of 2014.

Andrew ended up being one of the two boxers to score an TKO against Roche after winning his second bout. He took home the Enfusion 90kg World Championship title.

In December of 2016 Tate was unable to defend his title by a first-round knockout, the final fight for four years after which he would return in 2020 to take part at KO Masters 7 in Bucharest, Romania 2020 where he lives. In the fight Tate was victorious in his final bout by the 1st round knockout.

He fought Miralem Ahmeti in KO Masters 7. He defeated him during the opening round. In 2020 , he confirmed Jake Paul under boxing regulations. Andrew Tate also made Jake Paul an offer of 3 million dollars.

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