Alec Cabacungan Net Worth

Alec Cabacungan is well-known as a doctor at Shriners Children’s Hospital as he is the hospital’s spokesperson. On the 8th of May 2002 Alec had a genetic condition known as osteogenesis imperfecta. At the time of his birth, his parents realized that something was not right within his body. However they didn’t acknowledge it and eventually when his doctor informed him of the diagnosis with Alec and informed the patient that the disease could be dangerous. After hearing the findings of his son’s condition, Alec’s mother was devastated.

alec cabacungan net worth
alec cabacungan net worth

Alec Cabacungan’s Biography

Birth Name Alec Cabacungan
Born The 8th of May, 2002 (age 19 years old)
Gender Male
Profession Motivational Speaker
Birth Sign Taurus
Country Chicago, United States
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Sexual Orientation Straight
College Northwestern college
Marital Status Single
Net Worth $5million
Profile InstagramFacebookYoutubeTwitter

Personal Information

The physical look of the The Alec Cabacungan?

  • The body shape of Alec Cabacungan’s His height, as well as weight have not been yet revealed.
  • The name of Alec’s dad is Gil His mom’s name was Alma. They are extremely happy with their son, as they had no idea that they would see him achieve the heights he has achieved in his life. Following three girls, Juliana, Isabella, and Kirsten, Alec is the fourth child and is the sole child of the Cabacungan couple.


How do I know the status of the relationship between the Alec Cabacungan?

  • Alec Cabacunganis is very private regarding his personal matters, since he has never discussed the subject in any of his interviews.

Alex Cabacungan’s Net Worth

What is the Net Worth of Alec Cabacungan?

  • Alec Cabacungan’s earnings came through acting . His estimate of his net worth in the calendar year (2021) was close to $5 million. Alec earns money through various commercials , or through using his accounts for social media. However, his social media accounts are not yet authenticated.


  • His birthday falls on the 8th of May.
  • Alec Cabacungan, 19, is 19 years old. older.
  • Alec Cabacunganis very fond of media, and so he’s pursuing journalism as a student at Northwestern college.
  • Alec has an Youtube channel because he is passionate about sports. On his track, he debates and analyzes the sport. He typically invites athletes on the channel. Youtube channel.


Why is this the motive for the success story that Alec Cabacungan has?

  • Alec Cabacungan began the career of a publicist at Shriners Children’s Hospital. If you’ve ever seen Shriners Children’s Hospital’s commercials that you have seen, you need to be aware of this child. Alec is born to an unique genetic condition known as osteogenesis imperfecta or , in simpler terms it is a is a weak bone disease. His parents brought his to hospital at just two months old. From the very beginning, they were aware that something was not right in their child because he wasn’t as other children.
  • The doctor informed his mother the fact that Alec had a very rare illness known as brittle bone disorder. With this disorder bones break quickly. The condition is present in only a handful of people. But, Alec is an optimistic person, and even after breaking bones over 60 times, he’s never lost faith in his recovery.
  • At the age of 12 older, the hospital of the Shriners member asked him to take part in their commercial. In the beginning, Cabacungan was somewhat shy to take on the role of actor as the thought was that his classmates or schoolmates would be making mockery of him. However the hospital members persuaded them to let him act. They explained that through this commercial, people who do not know about this rare condition will inform them, and the person suffering from the disease would be inspired. Thus, based on this the hospital members convinced him to participate and tried to become a actor in the.
  • In the following months, while Alec Cabacungan was taking a vacation, a few people noticed him since they did not realize that this commercial had been a massive success. Therefore, he was happy after that.

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